Replacing a damaged roof can be expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming. If you notice any roof damage, leaks, or anything at all that needs repair, do not hesitate to contact Roof Guard Company before it’s too late. A free inspection is a phone call away.

Reliable roofing repair services in iowa and minnesota

When you notice something’s wrong with your roof, our dependable and skilled contractors will be of service to you. We provide high-quality roofing repair services for residential or commercial. Our team of experts can also offer some tips for preventative care to ensure that your roof stays on for many years to come.

Roof Guard Company has been in the business for the last 20 years providing durable roofing solutions and roofing repair in Iowa and Minnesota. We make sure that each problem is analyzed well and the best possible solution is provided.


We do not want to go through the hassle of running to grab a bucket when rain falls or snow melts. A single leak could mean a bigger roofing situation. Leaks could be caused by many factors such as, leaking or dripping plumbing pipes, condensation inside your property, clogged downspouts or gutters, and ice dams which may have built up during last winter. No matter how small they are, repairs need to be done immediately.


Discolorations on the roof can be caused by a lot of factors. But constant weather changes are one of the many reasons why roof stains occur. Roof discolorations could also be caused by not regularly cleaning or maintaining your roof. Our team at Roof Guard Company will help you determine the source of discolorations and provide a solution for your problem.


Roof lines are commonly straight, and if you notice something unlikely, there could be an underlining issue that needs to be addressed. It could be an indication that your roof is on the verge of collapse. Roof Guard’s team will evaluate the cause of your sagging roof and give you options based on the inspection.


We understand that repairs can be costly. Our services are affordable and we offer flexible financing to help you with all your roofing needs. Contact us now and get a free assessment for your roofing repair.

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