Does it come out of the roof?  Check it out!  Chimneys, skylights, plumbing vents, or satellite/cable fixtures are the most common sources of leaks that can stop the natural flow of the water off your roof.

Living on the edge!  Drip edges keep the water away from the fascia and move it off the roof.  If you’re drip edge is missing or damaged, it can cause the wood to rot.  Always make sure to check the drip edges when looking for a leak.

Step-by-step.  Check areas where step flashing was installed as this is another common are where leaks form.  Common areas to check are roof to wall transitions, dormers, or wherever a low-quality sealant or mastic could’ve been used.

What’s in the attic?  Before you blame the roof, check out your attic.  It could be leaking from improper ventilation, plumbing air conditioning, condensation, vent fans, or an animal/bug infestation.  Signs to look out for include:  Algae stains on interior plywood, mold, wet insulation even though no rainfall, black rings around nails indicating moisture, no ventilation, or the intake vents clogged.

Get out of the gutter!  Most homeowners neglect maintaining this part of their home.  Your gutters should be installed and sloped to ensure proper drainage, fastened tightly, and free of debris.  This should be left to the professionals!  Ladders are risky business, but that’s a topic for another day!  So call us 1st for a free inspection!