Why Choose A Haag Certified Roofer?

Your roof is your home’s largest and most vital asset to keeping your living space dry and damage free.  Choosing a Haag certified inspector, like one of our team members at Roof Guard Company, will ensure you your home will have the best chance.  Our team members are skilled and qualified to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.  This means our team has exceeded the comprehensive testing and damage assessment training set by the Haag program.

How we benefit you and your home

  1. Credibility-Haag certification is recognize by ALL insurance companies so u are SURE your roof will be evaluated without any complications.  These reports have deep credibility which carries weight when providing report conclusions.
  2. Outstanding Roofing Solutions-Our highly skilled team at Roof Guard Company are here to make sure your roof is restored to its great condition.  As a Haag certified team, we are able to provide vast expertise in the manufacturing, installation, weathering, maintenance, and repair costs for all major types of roofing.  No matter the damage due to wind, hair, or everything in between, you can be assured we have the expertise to handle the situation with ease.
  3. Accurate Inspection of Roof Damage-By choosing a Haag certified contractor, you can save yourself from the stress and hassle from inaccurate estimates which can lead to problems with your insurance adjuster.

At Roof Guard Company we are here for you after a major storm.  Our team is well equipped for damage assessment, inspection safety, roof area calculations and applicable codes.  Call us first and put your mind at ease!  We will take care of the rest!

Tips To Prevent Roof Leaks

Does it come out of the roof?  Check it out!  Chimneys, skylights, plumbing vents, or satellite/cable fixtures are the most common sources of leaks that can stop the natural flow of the water off your roof.

Living on the edge!  Drip edges keep the water away from the fascia and move it off the roof.  If you’re drip edge is missing or damaged, it can cause the wood to rot.  Always make sure to check the drip edges when looking for a leak.

Step-by-step.  Check areas where step flashing was installed as this is another common are where leaks form.  Common areas to check are roof to wall transitions, dormers, or wherever a low-quality sealant or mastic could’ve been used.

What’s in the attic?  Before you blame the roof, check out your attic.  It could be leaking from improper ventilation, plumbing air conditioning, condensation, vent fans, or an animal/bug infestation.  Signs to look out for include:  Algae stains on interior plywood, mold, wet insulation even though no rainfall, black rings around nails indicating moisture, no ventilation, or the intake vents clogged.

Get out of the gutter!  Most homeowners neglect maintaining this part of their home.  Your gutters should be installed and sloped to ensure proper drainage, fastened tightly, and free of debris.  This should be left to the professionals!  Ladders are risky business, but that’s a topic for another day!  So call us 1st for a free inspection!

Think You May Have Hail Damage To Your Roof?

Think you may have hail damage to your roof?  Call a local, professional contractor BEFORE filing a claim with your insurance company.  The inspection will determine if your roof damage needs to be claimed by insurance.  Your roofer will be able to provide you with the quality service you and your home deserve.

How does hail damage shingles?  Upon impact it will cause a tear or a dimple in the shingle.  Granules will then come loose which remove the protection from the damaging sun and heat.  Over time, crack and tears will from degrading the asphalt.  Then a storm comes along and you have water leaking through he shingles into your home.

It only takes a 1’’ hail stone to cause damage to your roof.  Roofs with more than one layer of shingles may actually be impacted by smaller stones due to the softer support surface directly below the top layer of shingles.

So remember, BEFORE you do anything, CALL a local professional contractor, like us!

Your Roof is the First Line of Defense Against Weather

The roof of a residential or commercial property is their first line of defense against storms, hails, snow, fire, and too much heat. Yet, it is also the most susceptible part as it is exposed to harsh weather and other components every day that may cause deterioration and decay.
Most property owners may be aware of these threats but fail to understand the damaging effects these conditions can do for their roofs. If not maintained or inspected regularly, roof damage can happen over time.
For areas in Iowa and Minnesota that is prone to extreme weather situations, it is important to be aware of how weather can affect your roofing structures.

Strong Wind Damage

Strong winds that accompany storms can damage your residential and commercial roofing. When strong winds happen, shingles and roof tiles become loose and may eventually fall off. Debris, falling leaves, and other elements may also be left behind by strong winds which your roof collects and may clog your gutter. These conditions can cause leaks and damages to your roof and can even extend the damage up to your roof frame.
It is important to check for any of these elements after a storm. If you notice any visible signs, contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect and repair the damages immediately.

Heavy Rain Damage

Yes, your commercial and residential roofing guards you against harsh weather but it still prone to water damage. If your roof is already having existing vulnerability such as cracked shingles, missing tiles, metal leaks or improper roof installation, then heavy rain can cause further damage to your roofing structures.

Tree Damage

Living in areas where large trees are mean a higher risk of plausible property damage when storms of strong winds hit. Broken tree branches, falling trees, leaves, and debris all pose threats to your roofing. For minimal damages, it can be fixed immediately to prevent dampness and rain leaking into your property.
However, for large-scale damages to your roofing tiles, frames and shingles caused by falling trees, it is necessary to contact a professional roofing contractor to provide reliable roofing solutions to prevent further damages.

Extreme Heat Damage

Roofs will deteriorate faster when exposed to extreme heat every day which causes damage to your roofing both inside and out. This could affect your roof shingles or tiles to eventually break, crack or curl up. This damage could impact on ventilation and indoor temperature in your property is affected. Sometimes, these damages cannot be detected early on, but if you notice any unusual temperature inside your home or business establishment, contact a professional roofing contractor like Roof Guard Company to inspect and repair these damages as soon as possible.

Hailstorm Damage

Hailstorms are one of the biggest reasons for property damage and can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. And regardless of what type of roofing you have, hailstorms can still cause major damage as it affects anything that is outside.
To ensure durability, it is important to choose stable and high-quality roofing materials for installation such as the ones provided by Roof Guard Company.

Snow Damage

Snows can cause huge ridges of ice or ice dams to clog at the end of your roofs or gutters. Over time, melting snow water stays on the roof and ends up breaking or tearing the structure.
If your notice considerable amount of ice dams forming, professional contractors like Northwest Iowa/Southwest Minnesota Roofers will do the necessary steam removal to prevent any further damage.

The Bottom Line

Roofing repairs in Iowa and Minnesota can be very expensive and time-consuming since it is not one those jobs that you can accomplish yourself. Roofing guards your family and your business and it’s what keeps you safe. And minor damages need to be taken care of before your whole house gets destroyed.
If you need any assistance with any roofing solutions, contact Roof Guard Company. We offer high-quality roofing materials and stable installations that are meant to withstand any weather conditions for many years to come. Our skilled contractors can also do a free assessment and suggest solutions to preserve your residential and commercial roofing in Iowa and Minnesota.