Your roof is your home’s largest and most vital asset to keeping your living space dry and damage free.  Choosing a Haag certified inspector, like one of our team members at Roof Guard Company, will ensure you your home will have the best chance.  Our team members are skilled and qualified to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.  This means our team has exceeded the comprehensive testing and damage assessment training set by the Haag program.

How we benefit you and your home

  1. Credibility-Haag certification is recognize by ALL insurance companies so u are SURE your roof will be evaluated without any complications.  These reports have deep credibility which carries weight when providing report conclusions.
  2. Outstanding Roofing Solutions-Our highly skilled team at Roof Guard Company are here to make sure your roof is restored to its great condition.  As a Haag certified team, we are able to provide vast expertise in the manufacturing, installation, weathering, maintenance, and repair costs for all major types of roofing.  No matter the damage due to wind, hair, or everything in between, you can be assured we have the expertise to handle the situation with ease.
  3. Accurate Inspection of Roof Damage-By choosing a Haag certified contractor, you can save yourself from the stress and hassle from inaccurate estimates which can lead to problems with your insurance adjuster.

At Roof Guard Company we are here for you after a major storm.  Our team is well equipped for damage assessment, inspection safety, roof area calculations and applicable codes.  Call us first and put your mind at ease!  We will take care of the rest!